Change is coming to the way we eat, live and manage our resources. We are a growing team of experienced journalists and communications experts with varied backgrounds and talents, each of us committed to supporting the change we'd like to see in the world.

Rooted - Plant-Based PR was created to enhance the profile of products and influencers from the vegan and plant-based movements. We offer expert editorial and creative content, delivered through carefully planned and commercially aligned PR campaigns.

Read our insights page for more information on our mindset and contribution to the vegan and plant-based debate through blogs, cartoons and infographics. 

Our Team

Director: Helen Wright

An experienced journalist and PR specialist, Helen is confident and creative, loves writing and design, and never shies away from asking questions. 

Editor: Katherine Weir

Katherine has a wealth of experience editing magazines, and creating digital content, including blogging and growing social media profiles. She also creates her own candles! Makes perfect scents!

Researcher: Nik Main

Nik is a practical thinker and doer with a keen interest in the latest brands, activists and influencers from the plant-based movement. He doesn't take life too seriously, and nor should you.

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